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Gretsch BroadKaster 18″ Modern Bop Kit in ‘Anniversary Sparkle’

Introducing the new Gretsch USA Broadkasters!

Here is the 18″ Modern Bop Kit in ‘Anniversary Sparkle’ Nitron Finish with a Modern Fit-Out.

18×14 Bass drum
12×8 Tom
14×14 Floor
14×5 Snare

The new Broadkaster shells are made one-by-one using maple/poplar/maple wood (all North American) without reinforcement hoops.
Each shell includes an interior ply scarf joint that supplies added structural integrity to thin, musical shells.
Like all USA-made Gretsch drums, shell interiors are finished with classic Gretsch Silver Sealer.

The shell is hand finished with the reverse roundover bearing edge on the bass drums and toms.
The inside edge of the shell sits higher and rounds off down and away to the shell’s exterior edge.
This allows greater surface contact between the bearing edge and drumhead, resulting in added tonal depth and warmth.
Snare drums are finished with Gretsch’s traditional 30º bearing edge, angled toward the shell’s interior.
This proven bearing edge technique produces a wide range of tones while maximizing attack and projection.

Toms and snare drums are outfitted with Gretsch’s “302” 3.0mm, double flanged steel hoops.
These hoops are similar to “Stick Chopper” hoops used in the 1950s, but are constructed out of a heavier gauge steel to stand up to today’s more assertive playing styles.
The 302 hoop helps to produce a more open tone than a die-cast hoop and adds ambient overtones to the overall tonal characteristic.

Broadkaster kits are available in two different hardware packages, standard and vintage.

This kit is fitted with the standard hardware, featuring:

Heavy-duty Gretsch lugs, spurs and straight-sided GTS tom suspension typical to Gretsch USA Custom and Brooklyn kits.

The Bass drum hoops Feature Satin Classic Maple Hoop with matching Anniversary Sparkle Inlay

Fitted with Remo heads all-round.

These Kits truely have a sound of their own!

This is the only kit in this finish, with this fit-out, in these sizes, in AUS!!

RRP $5079

Our Price $4699

Shell pack only, pictured here with Gibraltar flat-based hardware, which is available

Shipping is available

More hardware/extras available.