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Gretsch Catalina Club Street Series Red Sparkle Wrap Shell Pack


Gretsch Catalina Club Street Series
Red Sparkle Wrap Shell Pack
Retail $899

Sizes –
16×12 expandable to 16×14.5 bass
10×6 tom
13×11 floor
13×5 snare

This is no ordinary gigging set-up. Its compact-sized toms and snare drum feature mahogany shells that offer reliable tone and full projection. But what makes the Street Kit unique is its revolutionary “adjustable-depth” bass drum that can be expanded an additional two-and-one-half inches in depth, from a 12″ x 16″ to a 14½” x 16″. ,
When the bass drum is “opened up” the drum delivers a robust feel with a focused punch, impressive depth and controlled overtones. For a more traditional “jazzy” sound with those familiar satisfying overtones, simply close the depth of the drum using the three adjustment rods. The rods are notched for quick and precise adjustments, making the Street Kit the perfect solution for the player whose gigs vary from one style to another. ,
Even though the Street Kit packs a lot of punch, it was designed with portability in mind. Its compact sizes fit easily into two bags (sold separately). The bass drum is equippedwith a built-in cymbal arm which eliminates the need for a cymbal stand. Even with a hardware bag and cymbal bag, with the Catalina Club Street Kit, you can actually make itout of the car and into the club in just one trip.
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$WAS 899