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Gretsch New Classic ‘Black Sparkle Lacquer’

22″ x 18″ Bass drum. 8 ply, 9.1 mm shell thickness
10″ x 8″ Tom. 6 ply, 4.8 mm shell thickness
12″ x 9″ Tom. 6 ply, 5.7 mm shell thickness
14″ x 14″ Floor Tom. 6 ply, 6.6 mm shell thickness

14″ x 5.5″ Snare Drum. 10 ply, 10mm shel thickness

Featuring proportionate Gretsch-formula maple shells, this drum-set produces a vintage Gretsch tonality while giving these drums their own distinctive sound.
Proportionate shells increase in thickness as shell diameters increase to give a full, balanced tone across the entire kit.
Classy appointments include vintage styled tube lugs, the very low mass “ITS” integrated tom suspension system and 9025 hinged tom and floor tom leg brackets.
Retro looks combined modern innovations…a true New Classic.

Die-Cast hoops all-round. New classic round badge. Fitted with Evans heads, and Remo gretsch logo fibreskyn with installed soundport.

This kit is used, but absolutely mint condtion. No marks, minimal wear on the heads.
Never left the Previous owners house, and it was traded in here with us at DrumDrum.

2x Boom Cymbal Stand
1x Snare Stand
1x Hi-Hat Stand
1x Bass Drum Pedal

RRP New price on these is $4000 +

Price for the shell pack without hardware $2000 !!!

Price including hardware package $2500 !!!

Shipping is available

More hardware/extras available. Please just ask.