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Gretsch USA custom ‘gold satin flame’ nitro finish four piece bop-set

Check this!…
For those looking to go completely retro, look no further!
Presenting the Gretsch USA custom ‘gold satin flame’ nitro finish four piece set!
14×18 kick, 8×12 tom, 14×14 floor, 5×14 8 lug snare.
With all the classic hardware appointments such as:
-Vintage rail mount
-T-rods -Vintage spurs
-Classic bass drum claws
-Vintage diamond-plate bracket on floor tom
-Batter mufflers on bass and snare
-Batter and resonant mufflers in Tom and floor
-Snap lock drum key holder on snare
-Micro-sensitive snare throw off
-Fitted with ‘130th’ anniversary logo remo heads on all drums. You wont see many of these!
MAde in the USA, This kit is apart of the 130th ‘Limited edition’ anniversary series of Gretsch drums.
There are only 35 of these kits IN THE WORLD!
This kit is number #34 out of #35…Complete with it’s own certificate of authenticity and commemorative label on the inside of each shell.
…And that’s not the best part!

You will not see another. This is absolutely breath-taking kit, For a lover of vintage Gretsch drums this ticks all the boxes!.
Come in and check out this rare beauty at drum drum!!!

Give the shop a call on 55621525 for more info.