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Gretsch USA Custom in ‘Natural Maple’

This Ones a Beauty!!

Custom ordered through Drum Drum.

All the features from Grestch’s Flagship kit

USA formula 6-ply maple shell is the cornerstone of “That Great Gretsch Sound.” All shells are straight-sided, with hand cut and hand sanded 30-degree bearing edges and Gretsch Silver Sealer interior.

Gretsch die-cast hoops produce a full, focused tone that are easy to tune and stay in tune. Die-cast hoops have been included as standard on all toms and snare drums since the mid 1950’s.

The Gretsch Tom Suspension System (“GTS”) is non-invasive and suspends the drum shell to optimize maximum shell resonance and tone.

Padded die-cast claw hooks provide stable tuning and has classic Gretsch design. The claw hook includes cushioning pad that buffers metal to wood hoop contact and has classic Gretsch design.

The G9025 hinged tom and FT leg bracket features a full 1.5″ of clamping area to provide secure and stable grip and include memory locks that are integrated into the overall bracket design. Gretsch tom holders feature ball/socket design for flexibility and 12.7mm arms for strength.

Gretsch lacquered drums are finished with Nitrocellulose gloss or satin lacquer. Nitrocellulose is known for its high luster content and possesses a unique attribute that allows wood to naturally age over time. Nitron wrap finishes are the highest grade in the industry.

Gretsch Permatone by Remo® USA heads come standard on all Gretsch USA drums. Toms come standard with coated single-ply batter with clear single-ply resonant heads. BD’s come standard with clear Powerstroke batter and coated single-ply resonant heads. Custom head options are available – see Custom Order Guide.


22×14″ Bass drum

12×8″ Tom

14×14″ Floor tom

16×16″ Floor tom

14×5.5″ Snare drum

This Kit has been sold, But you can order your dream Gretsch kit with us !!!!