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Ludwig classic maple downbeat in ‘Vintage Black Oyster’


Ludwig classic maple downbeat in ‘Vintage Black Oyster’
20×14 bass drum
12×8 mounted tom
14×14 floor tom

7-ply Cross-Laminated North American Maple.

Preferred by professionals for its tonal versatility, Classic Maple drums are the ideal choice for any performance application.

Its high sensitivity, wide dynamic tuning range, and sharp attack make it the ideal choice for live performance.

Yet Classic Maple’s 7-ply shell is crafted to respond to the player and environment quickly, making it adaptable to any playing style or preference.

Each drum’s bearing edge is cut to a 45-degree angle within 1/16″ from the outside edge.

This sharp edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman’s touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the unmistakable Ludwig Sound.

Classic Maple’s standard 7-ply, 6mm shell is formulated for optimum resonance and tonality.

Its center three-ply core panel (laminated in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal grain bond to a 2.4mm thickness,) is inserted between inner and outer two-ply panels through our proprietary RFST molding process.

Atlas mount installed on the tom, and atlas floor tom leg mounts.

Featuring the limited edition 50th anniversary Supraphonic 14×5 snare. Only 300 of these snare made worldwide.


SNARE             $819

Total:                $4668
PACKAGE      $4499 !!!


Hardware is available

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