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Mapex Storm Silver/Black Package Deal

Mapex Voyager Silver with black hardware package deal

An excellent kit for a early player. Having a set of bags is easy for transport to gigs!

Everything for $999 !!

6 Piece Drumkit with a full set of hardware, seat and a full set of bags.

22×16 bass drum
10×7 tom
12×8 tom
14×12 floor tom
16×14 floor tom
14×5 snare drum

Really nice contrast with the black hardware.
-hihat stand
-snare stand
-2 x cymbal stands
-full set of bags! One for each drum.

Everything you see in the pics!

$999 !!

The Storm Standard Set is ideal for first time players wanting a full-sized kit with a big sound. The all-poplar shells offer punchy attack and plenty of tone, while 1.5mm hoops will help you hone those rimshots. The drums are fitted with Remo heads.

Complete with stands, bags, throne and pedals, this set is great for the early player.

Cymbals sold separately.

Call the shop, one only!!