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Sonor Prolite in ‘Ebony White Stripes’ 7 Piece Shell Package

Something extra EXTRA special just landed from Germany…!!!

Sonor Prolite in ‘Ebony White Stripes’ 7 Piece Shell Package

Sonors flagship kit, under the fully customize-able SQ2.

This kit offers all the top-end appointments from Sonor,
with a stunning high gloss exotic veneer.

Stage 3 shell pack:
Bass Drum 22” x 17.5”
Tom 10” x 8”
Tom 12” x 9”
Floor Tom 16” x 16”

Matching Snare drum 14” x 5”
Tom 8” x 7” add on
Floor Tom 14” x 14” add on

The core of the ProLite series is the sound spectrum provided by the extremely thin Vintage Maple shells with reinforcement ring.
These provide an unmistakably open sound and an enormously wide tuning range for practically all styles of music.

9 plies for tom toms, floor toms and snare drums = 4 mm + 2 mm Dynamic Edge reinforcement rings at the edge of the shells

12 plies for bass drums = 6 mm + 2 mm Dynamic Edge reinforcement rings at the edge of the shells

Die-cast hoops on snare drum, 2.3 mm Power Hoops on tom toms and floor toms.

Vibration free mounting results in pure tone and warm sustain.
Enhanced by Total Acoustic Resonance, the drums stay mechanically stable resulting in beautiful tone and unmatched projection.

The bass drum spurs are the most reliable and stylish spurs in the industry. Equipped with memory Locks, your preferred bass drum spur adjustment will stay rock solid

All Sonor lugs are equipped with the patented TuneSafe, which prevents the tension rods from loosening.
Tune Safe supports maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments. Square-head tension rods with fine-pitch threads guarantee optimum tunability.

Snare drum feature die cast hoops and the Dual Glide System, quick release snare wire detach function.

Fitted with Remo heads on all drums

Toms: Clear Sonor clear Ambassadors

Snare Drum: Sonor Coated Ambassador / Sonor clear Medium Resonance Ambassadors

Bass Drum: Sonor clear Powerstroke 3

Front Head: Black Sonor logo and installed chrome sound-port

Stage 3 shell pack RRP-$6499
Matching Snare RRP-$1379
Extra 14×14 Floor RRP-$1369
Extra 8×7 Tom RRP-$899

3x Sonor tom arms RRP-$59 each, $177 total.

3x Sonor Prism Clamps RRP-$69 each, $207 total.

Kit Total- $10’530

Our Price on the whole pack $7999!!!

Hardware can be organized.

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